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Abortion – the great conflict

Let’s talk about one of the third rails of modern politics: abortion. Obviously there is quite a cultural war in our country now about the topic. Some people look at it as a form of murder, while others look at it as something that woman should be able to decide for themselves – a women’s rights issue. Of course, religious belief factors into this as well. Many Christians and Catholics are against abortion (or as they like to say – “pro-life”). Much of the liberal left is pro-abortion (or as they like to say – “pro-choice”).

It is a difficult issue too. I personally struggle with which side of this debate I am on. I don’t like abortion. I think it is a terrible waste. But I also am not ready to say that abortion should be made illegal in the US. People are going to get abortions, whether it is legal or not. With that in mind, I would prefer that woman can get it done (if they must) in a safe setting, as opposed to a clandestine, underground setting that can be very dangerous (or trying to use a coat hanger or something awful like that).

One thing we need a lot more of in this country is education on the topic. As I said before, it is not really as simple as “I am for it” or “I am against it.”

I often wonder about the people that say that it should be against the law, except in the case of rape or danger to the mother. See, that means that they are not 100% against it. If you really are against abortion, I would think that there would not be any exceptions.

I would like to see a real discussion in this country about the topic – not one laced with threats and fear. An educated discussion, free of emotion. Just the facts. That is very necessary (and not just for the topic of abortion).

Even those people that feel that it is a woman’s choice and believe that it should be legal struggle with it when it comes to their own bodies. I doubt there are many people that could have an abortion and not have any regrets about it. Whether you believe in your mind that a fetus is a real person or not, your heart will still probably feel that it is. I think it is only human to feel that way.

At any rate, anyone that is considering getting one should definitely have to go through a bit of a process to get it done. I really don’t think that you should be able to decide today that you want one, walk into an office tomorrow, and have the procedure done. There should be people trying to talk you out of it all the way. There really are other options.

In addition, one of the things that I hear a lot with regard to abortion is that it is a woman’s body and therefore a woman’s choice. Well – guess what. It takes a woman and a man to make a baby. I have a lot of trouble saying that a woman should have the right to an abortion without the consent of the father. I know that will not make me a popular person with many of my liberal friends, but it is the way I feel. I have even more trouble with a minor being able to get one without the knowledge of her parents. That is hypocritical to me. A minor cannot legally enter into a contract, so why should they be able to get an abortion without parental consent?

All that being said, once a couple has decided that their choice is to have an abortion (after attempts to dissuade), I do think it should be allowed. Just because I do not like it does not mean it should be against the law. At that point, it is something that they will have to deal with in their hearts and minds. I definitely think it is important that people that do decide to go through with it have a safe environment in which to do the procedure. That also means being spared the taunts of people at clinics that will throw words and more at people as they go into a clinic. That is not the way to deal with the situation! America is so devoid of compassion at times. I would definitely like to see it return.


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