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President Obama on Leno

President Obama on Leno

President Obama on Leno

Last night, President Obama was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. To see the video of the interview, click here. To see a full transcript of the interview, click here. The New York Times did a great review of the interview as well.

I just finished watching it and felt compelled to write about it here on Robert’s Random Ravings.

First of all, I have to say how refreshing it is to have a President that gives you a feeling of pride in being an American. He actually talks in full sentences and has a command of the English language. When he was explaining the situation at AIG with the bailout money and the bonuses that were paid out, the first thing that came to mind was how President Bush would have bungled that explanation. I don’t think there is any way that Bush could possibly have explained the situation. I just don’t think he even would have had the understanding to do it.

I enjoyed listening to him and watching him. He has a charming smile and a very endearing way about him. In spite of all of the calamity around him, he looked relaxed and in charge. I loved his joking about the bowling alley and the March Madness tournament. Even when Jay asked him if he picked North Carolina because it is a swing state. President Obama didn’t bat an eye and stayed right with him. I genuinely like this guy!

A lot has been said over the last 8 years about President Bush being the guy that you would want to have a few beers with. Well, while President Obama was talking last night with Jay Leno, I was thinking that I would love to have a few beers and just “hang out” with him.

Does that mean that I agree with everything he does? Absolutely not. As an example, he apparently was trying to get veterans to pay for their own health care if they had any access (through themselves or their spouse) to private insurance. To me, this is a BAD idea. I really don’t care if a veteran has access to private insurance. If our young men and women make the commitment to the US military (no matter which branch, and whether they see combat or not), I think that the LEAST we can do for them is to cover their health care after they leave military service. I never want to see treatment like we saw at Walter Reid a few years ago. They give their service to us, we give our service to them. That is how a voluntary military works. Period. End of story.

I am willing to give the President and his team some time to work things out. As he said last night (and many other times), it took a long time for us to get into this mess. It will not get fixed overnight. The policies of the last 8 years were an abject failure. It is time to try something different. No more “business as usual.”

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