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What a Beautiful World

I have spent the last few days watching dozens of HD nature videos at different web sites. One of the sites I particularly like is called Earth Touch. These videos show beautiful things from the world of nature, such as the jungles of Ecuador or the seas off the coast of South Africa; the birds of Indonesia and the fish of the coral reefs.

At the present time, our news is filled with so much ugliness. We are told of murders and suicides and terrorist attacks and economic failures. I have gotten pretty tired of hearing about all of that. You would almost forget how beautiful the world really is. That is why I have been watching these videos. I have seen beautiful antelopes and impalas grazing on the savannahs of Africa. I have watched sharks and pufferfish and shrimp and all sorts of sea creatures going through the coral reefs off the coast of Africa or off the coast of Central America or Australia.

I have seen butterflies wandering around plants and flowers by the hundreds.

I have seen cranes trying to migrate over the Himalaya mountains, fighting the blistery cold and heavy winds.

I have watched penguins struggles down the snow-filled hills of Antarctica to get food for their young ones.

I have watched the zebras and the wildebeest grazing together in Africa, and all the while birds are flitting around eating parasites off of their backs.

I have watched mother polar bears and grizzly bears caring for their newborn cubs and finding food for them.

I have watched macaques, gibbons, orangutans and various other primates as they make their way through jungles and forests all through Africa and South America.

I have watched as elephants and hippos migrate hundreds of miles, following the ebb and flow of available water.

It’s an amazing show. There is so much to see and I know that we have barely scratched the surface. Everywhere you look in nature there is a stunning show on display. The instinct that drives animals to find water and food is incredible.

The rebirth of the world in blazing color every Spring is breathtaking. I am now privileged to live in an area of the country that has all four seasons. Having grown up in Florida, I never fully appreciated how beautiful springtime is. Now I do. Here in Texas, after the cold weather starts to wane, the flowers start to poke up out of the ground. The wildflowers appear everywhere as a testament to the earth’s rebirth. There are hundreds of types of wildflowers here. And even when we have had little rain, nature still puts on a show.

Then the birds start their mating rituals – they find places to build nests; they call out and find mates. The sound of the birdcalls, especially in the mornings and late afternoons, is beautiful. I love to go outside and just listen to them. I particularly like the birdsong of the purple martin and the northern cardinal (which happens to be my favorite bird). I recently also had the joy of listening to the caw of a peacock at a restaurant in Central Austin. Not only do they look good, they sound good too!

So when we get all caught up in the shrill, harsh reality that is the world that mankind has created, it is so nice to sit back and take in the beauty of nature. G-d’s magical creation. And the show that it puts on, especially in the spring time.

I always start thinking of that Louis Armstrong song:

I see trees of green, red roses too.
I see them bloom, for me and you.
And I think to myself… what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white.
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…


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