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Put down your phone

I am not a technophobe. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I love electronic gadgets and computers of all sizes and shapes. And I think that the mobile phone has been a huge leap forward in terms of convenience, safety, etc. for all of us.

The problem is that many of us don’t seem to be able to figure out when to put the blasted things down. The biggest culprit in all of this is text messaging. Sure, it’s neat to be able to communicate with a number of people at the same time in short spurts of about 150 characters or less. Of course, it has ruined the spelling capabilities of a lot of people. It has also ruined the attention spans of a lot of people. We have become accustomed to our interactions taking place in these small dribs and drabs.

When you are walking down the street or in a mall (or airport, etc.) and trying to text at the same time, I guarantee you that you are not paying attention to anyone around you. The world does not exist for you alone. And I think that precious thought can wait a minute or two until you get somewhere where you can step out of people’s way and then do your texting.

Even worse is the affect on driving. Holding a cellphone to your ear while you are driving is distracting. But texting while you are driving can be disastrous. That time that you are looking at your phone instead of the road is putting you and everyone in your general area in danger.

I honestly cannot believe that cell phone use (without hands free capability) and texting while driving has not been banned in all 50 states by now. Everyone knows how dangerous it is. Who can honestly defend this dangerous habit? Is it an invasion of privacy? No more so than requiring that passengers in a car wear a seat belt. No one complains about that because we all know it keeps us safer. Let’s get real here (politicians – I am talking to you!!!!!) Whether it is on a city/county, state or federal level, we need laws that preserve our road safety by banning texting while driving.

Our society has become so selfish. This is just one more manifestation. I want to do such and such so go screw yourself if what I am doing bothers you. That is just not the way to act. Kindness, compassion and just plain awareness of the world outside your own skin is important.

So, to sum it up – “Put down the damn phone!!”


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  1. Politicians have their hands full with an economy that is in meltdown, a president that is forcing them to see how messed up the healthcare system currently is, and international defense issues (Iraq, Afghanistan) that have drained down the well. Cell phone laws will come in time, but I cannot see how it would be a priority nowadays.

    Comment by Neal Klein | 08/06/2009 | Reply

  2. It will become a priority when more people start dying. That’s the problem. We only start worrying about these things and addressing these issues when it is too late.

    Or the cynical side of me says it is cheaper and easier to leave things as they are now up until the bodies start piling up. Until then, our leaders think it doesn’t make economic sense. Grrr.

    Comment by rkurzweil | 08/06/2009 | Reply

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