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More bigotry in Maine

Yesterday the voters in Maine voted to repeal same sex marriage rights that had been passed by the Maine legislature. Thus it now becomes the second state to repeal same sex marriage rights.

I can’t begin to say how disappointing this is. Just like Proposition 8 in California last year, it appears that the nation is moving backwards in terms of equality for all and codified bigotry. I have no doubt that in the near future, we will look back at these days and wonder what people were thinking. But in the meantime, the general populace is continuing to demonstrate that it is mean-spirited and that prejudice is fine, as long as it is against those “fags” who are, in their opinion, acting against G-d and nature.

As a gay man who has made so many attempts to not be gay, I can assure everyone that my “nature” is gay and there is nothing that I can do to change that, even if I still wanted to. I can no more turn straight than a black person can turn white.

It always amazes me how people get so riled up about this issue – especially fundamental Christians. I have no problem with people that don’t accept homosexuality for religious reasons. They have that right. But the institution of marriage is not a religious institution. No one is trying to force churches to marry same sex couples. All we want is for the civil government to afford us the same rights that heterosexual couples have – for example, survivor benefits from Social Security – and that is just one example. There are hundreds of state and federal benefits that heterosexual marriages have that are denied to same sex couples because the government won’t allow us to marry. It is just plain wrong to not allow us to marry.

As to the contention that same-sex marriages would ruin the institution of marriage, all I can say is that my marrying the person I love has absolutely NO effect whatsoever on someone else. I am already living with him (and have been for 15 years).

America – it is time to grant equality to ALL. This is no different from when races were not allowed to inter-marry. That was an equally disgusting state of affairs and we came to our senses about that, at least, some time ago. Now we need to go the rest of the way.


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  1. I believe what you are seeing is what happens when change is asked for during a time of terrible uncertainty. If the economy was flush and the job market secure, changes that do not affect the majority have a greater chance of being passed. Fundamentalists and traditionalists represent a longing for the past illusion of security and “better times” and not tradition as they would fool the gullible to believe. They are a response to too much perceived change too fast for the masses.

    Here’s the thing: it’s too easy to demonize you. Homosexuals are tarred with the same brush used for sinners like murderers and thieves. (Ironically, murderers and thieves, even once incarcerated, can marry as long as it is to a member of the opposite sex.) Homosexuals are the convenient lesser person. We have words in all languages to separate out the homosexual as a sub-person. It’s a disgusting fact, but language perpetuates ideas, and it’s a hideous bit of propaganda Goebbels would have been proud of spreading with such success.

    I believe in God. I do not believe in the Bible. As long as we use this imperfect translation of a 3000+ year old cobbled set of writings and keep what prejudices and BS is convenient or palatable, the Western world will keep gays and lesbians as a convenient separate class. It’s hideous, and I hate it, and I have no answers as a citizen of this supposedly enlightened nation.

    Comment by Neal Klein | 11/04/2009 | Reply

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