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Sarah Palin

I am trying to figure out what the deal is with Sarah Palin. How is it possible that there are people out there that actually see her as a good thing for the United States or for the Republican Party? During the election season, I really thought that she had a lot of potential. I figured that she was just new and inexperienced and that this would change with time.
I am seeing that this is not the case.

I think that there is a legitimate grain of truth in her contention of being mistreated by the press – but only a grain. There have been some inappropriate reporting and/or comments about her. For example, I think it is grossly inappropriate for anyone to talk about her being “hot” or being a MILF. No one would talk about a male candidate that way. Aren’t we past the sexism and bigotry at this point? We elected an African-American as President. Why is it so much harder to believe that a woman could be elected as President?

That being said, the lack of experience and the incredible ability to live in an alternate universe when it comes to facts is something that absolutely deserves to be addressed. The press should be getting the facts. They should be holding people accountable – both to their pasts and to their promises. If a politician says something that is clearly not true, they should be called on it – whether it is a man or a woman; a Democrat or a Republican; black or white; Christian, Muslim or Jew (and any other groups that I did not mention). That should be the role of the press. Not sensationalizing celebrity deaths or monster pandemics.

Sarah Palin definitely lives in a different “truth” than the rest of us. She goes on TV to tout pardoning a turkey while dozens of turkeys are getting “processed” right behind her. She can look you straight in the eye and tell you that everyone in the media is against her. Or that anyone that says bad things about her is either a liar or someone with an axe to grind. G-d help anyone that gets in her way! She can, with a straight face, quit her job as governor 18 months early while talking about how it is the right thing for Alaska and she does not want to subject the people of her state to a lame duck governor. Oh my oh my. All the while, millions of people are eating it up and continue to see her as the Republican Party’s greatest hope in 2012 and beyond. Wow. How can anyone think that she is a positive thing for the country? Or that she would be a good President? How can we even trust her to finish a job if she were to get elected?

I cannot begin to express how the idea of Palin’s advancement scares me. I thought we were bad off under Bush/Cheney. We have already seen the result of letting someone lead this country based on whimsy and “gut feeling.” For the love of G-d – it must not happen again!


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The Republican Party – What is it thinking?

I am beginning to get really disgusted with the way things are going on Capitol Hill now. The Republican Party is busy crying out against a power grab by the White House. They seem to think that President Obama wants to do an end-run around the Constitution and violate the law by having the Director of the Census Bureau report directly to the White House. This position reports to the Commerce Secretary. As anyone reading this may know, the nominee for Commerce Secretary, Republican Senator Judd Gregg, withdrew his nomination for the post, citing “irresolvable conflicts” between his ideology and that of the President.

Gregg was part of President Obama’s attempts to reach out across party lines and include Republicans in his Cabinet. But it seems that the Republican Party is more concerned with thwarting any and all efforts of the new President than it is in actually helping resolve the problem.

The idea of a Republican outcry against a Presidential “power grab” is so ironic. We have spent the last 8 years watching President Bush redefine the role of President and grab as much power as possible for the Executive Branch of the government. No one was crying out against the power grab then.

The Bush Administration inherited a country that was growing very rapidly. We were adding jobs by the hundreds of thousands. We had a budget surplus. Now we have lost over 3 million jobs in the last year, and had a budget deficit of more than $1 trillion last year. That is a number so large that most people probably cannot even conceive of it. I know that I can’t.

Reducing taxes is NOT the solution. Putting up roadblocks and crying that Obama is trying to turn us into a Socialist or Communist state is not the answer. The answer is working together. The answer is NEW ideas, not recycling old ones.

Get with it Congress. Get with it Republican Party. We, the people, are tired of your games, and tired of your vitriol. We want to live our lives in peace and harmony. We do not want to be told that “if you don’t do this, the result is catastrophe.” The economics of fear is so last century. We are in a time where we need hope, not fear. If you are not part of the solution, you need to get out of the way. Pointing out that something is wrong is not helpful unless you can help with a solution to the problem. President Obama is trying to solve problems that were not even of his making. Give him and his plans a chance. They certainly cannot leave us any worse off than the previous 8 year administration has.

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Congress – the height of ineptitude

Millions of Americans are suffering. Hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs every month. Meanwhile, the 435 members of the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the Senate don’t seem to have any sense of urgency when it comes to passing an economic stimulus package that will help our economy. After all, most of them are very well off economically. None of them have to worry about medical insurance or health care, because they all have it.

I am not naïve enough to think that the mere act of spending upwards of $1 trillion will solve our economic problems. But it seems to me that now is the time to think big and stop worrying about party politics and business as usual. The last 8 years have been a complete failure on so many levels, including economics. We have seen that tax cuts for the rich and trickle-down economics are not the answer. It is time to try something else. The American people made it very clear to Congress in November that we don’t like the way things have been going and we want to see change. What we do not want to see is voting strictly on party lines.

I was sickened and very disheartened with the vote in the House last week in which not one Republican felt they could support the economic stimulus. We need bold thinkers – people that will “think out of the box” and not just trot out all the tired old “remedies” and “tricks” that just simply do not work. Will our Congress start to understand that?

Maybe it is time that we started to enact some limitations on our congressmen and congresswomen. I have long been a proponent of term limits for Congress. If it works for the Office of President, why not apply it to the House and the Senate? Maybe if we stopped letting people stay in office indefinitely, they would start actually governing as opposed to spending all of their time trying to get re-elected. Politics should not be a profession. It should be service to the country. In its current form, it is nothing more than a stepping stone. Our government is supposed to be of the people and by the people. Yet the people in Congress cannot possibly relate to the majority of the population because they are really not “of us.” Sure they may start that way, but the power peddling is a corrupting influence on EVERY one of them. I don’t think anyone is free from the “taint” of special interests and this is just not the way it is supposed to be.

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